• Tow your personal watercraft, dinghy or small boat with safety and control
  • Watercraft being towed won't hit your boat when slowing down or stopping
  • No ropes to get caught in your motor
  • Ideal for use with most boats, pontoons or houseboats
  • Easily stores when not in use
  • Floats if dropped

    With our patented design the TOWDSTER will expand when you speed up and retract when you slow down or stop.
    The TOWDSTER may be used several different ways. For example: If you only want to tow one personal watercraft or small boat you may do so in a couple of different ways. By using one TOWDSTER connected to the towing eye or by using two TOWDSTERS connected to the towing eyes on either side of the back of the towing watercraft to form a "V" configuration to keep the personal watercraft or small boat centered. You may also tow two watercrafts at a time. If you have three or four personal watercrafts or small boats you want to tow, you will need four TOWDSTERS. Two on each side, one hooked on right behind the other.

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