The TOWDSTER was created in the late 1990's in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota. A family of 6 needed a way to safely tow 2 personal watercrafts behind their pontoon. While boating thru channels from lake to lake mission impossible was now mission accomplished. The growing popularity of boats, pontoons, houseboats and personal watercraft in combination makes this accessory a must.

Who said you can't take it with you? Now you can! Bring your personal watercraft or small boat along with the TOWDSTER in-water towing device.

Now you can take a leisurely ride and enjoy the sites. Too many white caps, too cold? Tow your watercraft to that perfect area of the lake to enjoy.

Towdster V Cruising

Towdster V Stopping

Towdster V Backing Up

Towdster V Photos

Towdster V behind a houseboat in action

Towdster TRI behind a cruiser in action

Towdster V behind a pontoon in action

Towdster TRI behind a runabout in action

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